This weekend I made a tikimon water fountain.

With all the pine I have I started to do some chain saw art, since I generally do not like to burn the pine inside.

I like the roughness and un-finshed look especially when they get older and start to grey out.

I want to get some turkey- tail mushroom plugs and inoculate them so they grow mushrooms out of them as well. I am thinking that the waterfall is a perfect place to do this as it will be constantly watered.

Amy says it is getting too cluttered so I will have to move them to a new home.



We recycle all of our leftover food we do not eat to our chickens.

I converted this old shed which I believe was being used as a dog kennel for my chickens.

It has these boxes with latches that open inside that I fill with hay where they sleep and lay eggs.

I covered the entire outside area with all different types of screening. I started with foul netting – thin plastic. The critters ate right though this, Then I laid another, thin metal gauge with the same results and the third layer stopped them, plus an underground ditch covered with wire rocks and buried…

I lost a bunch this winter and I am down to only 4 – still producing 2 eggs a day!

Mushroom Bounty

Blue Oyster mushrooms.


Man these are some big shiitake.

I bought this portabella from the supermarket and it is producing some nice spore prints that I hope I produce mycelium from.

My seeds have started to sprout.

I am getting some nice mycelium in these as well.

Amaranthine Love Wreath

This wreath is over 5 years old and is comprised of every flower I have given to Amy over that time. I take the flowers once they have be gone to wilt and add them. It is a polystyrene base covered with fall leaves. Sometimes I use a hot glue gun or dried flower staples to attach the flowers.

Fairy Houses!

Last Weekend my daughter Claudia and me had a blast creating these Fairy Houses.

We used natural and found items – ones that generally fairies use themselves.

It features a comfortable bedroom complete with wash basin and fairy sized soap, mirror and storage areas.

The second floor comes complete with swing, make up area, dining table and broom.

Floors and walls are made of birch bark.

Base is a pine log. We drilled holes and glued small branches for supports.

We used fairy figurines to get the measurements right for the real fairies.

Roof is pine needle bundles wrapped with wire and glue on to supporting beams and trimmed to make thatch.

I’m trying this post from email to see how the format comes out…


Yesterday we transferred the espresso Oyster mushrooms to the compost.  The first step was to layer the compost with cardboard and newspaper.

Then we spread coffee grounds over this.  I have been collecting them from Dunkin Donuts.  On top of this we transferred the mycelium covered grounds we have been growing in the buckets on top of this.  The buckets did not seem to take too well.  I think this was because I mixed in vegetable matter and other compost into them, as well as I think there was not adequate drainage. 

Then we added another layer of cardboard and then hay on top of this.  Now we will continue to water and monitor and see what comes up.